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Beginning of the Crop Audit Process

Beginning of the Crop Audit Process

Published at 12/20/2023

We’re excited to announce the start of Kanna’s crop audit process, the first step of which will be to register the network’s validators! This milestone represents a significant step in our journey to promote sustainable farming practices and ESG compliance.

Our innovative approach to crop auditing combines the expertise of the Kanna community with advanced blockchain technology, ensuring a transparent and reliable process. By taking part, you will be actively contributing to a more responsible and sustainable cannabis sector.

As part of this process, validators will have the opportunity to analyze and approve cultivation practices based on strict ESG criteria. This is a crucial moment for all of us who believe in a greener and more sustainable future.

To access the audit platform and guarantee your participation in the process, simply go to: https://dapp.kannacoin.io/audits/

Stay tuned for more updates and details on how you can get involved in this pioneering process. Together, we are shaping a standard of excellence in cannabis cultivation. Let’s keep growing together!

Announcement of the first partners and mapped crops page

Published at 9/21/2023

We are very excited to start our work with legal cannabis producers in Brazil! Meet our first two partner producers:

Accura – Cannabis Cure Research and Support Association

It is a non-profit organization in São Paulo that seeks to inform, help, support and facilitate the lives of medical cannabis patients. It has regulated cultivation in Brazil.

Accura’s crops are grown organically, in living soil, protected, organic and free of pesticides or chemical pesticides, for maximum plant safety and quality.

In addition, they have selected genetics and phenotypes and a series of protocols and improvements in the extraction process that deliver a clean and concentrated oil.

THSer – Medicinal Cannabis Association

It is a non-profit organization in São Paulo that aims to support medical cannabis patients and disseminate relevant content on the subject. It has regulated cultivation in Brazil.

THSer’s cultivation is 100% organic, using the “living soil” method, which focuses on microbial life within the soil.

Every THSer cannabis-based medicine is made from clean, quality raw materials, extracted calmly and cultivated with great care.

To celebrate this milestone, Kanna is launching a mapped crops page to showcase partner producers and integrate the community into the partner nomination process.

The community can follow the list, as well as see which partners have been confirmed and when the auditing process takes place, which will generate rewards for the holders who participate by validating the crop information.

To check out the page on our platform, just follow the link below:


Listing of the KNN Token on the Bitcoin Marketplace

Published at 9/13/2023

One of the great milestones of our project and our Kanna community comes exactly one year after the start of this journey. Kanna’s first birthday couldn’t have been more special!

We are extremely excited to share this great achievement. Our token is now listed on the Mercado Bitcoin. This is a significant milestone in our journey and an important step towards achieving our goals.

Now, purchasing Kanna Tokens has become even more accessible and convenient. With a listing on the Bitcoin Market, you’ll be able to trade our token safely and efficiently. The easy and super-secure interface will make the token acquisition experience simple and uncomplicated for anyone who wants to participate in the ecosystem.

Owning KNN tokens gives you the opportunity to use them to access closed groups on the company’s discord, take part in community activities, get discounts on Kanna’s partner network, as well as access exclusive prizes and collectibles.

We remain dedicated to contributing to a more sustainable future and strengthening our community. Click on the link below to access the MB platform and see how to purchase your KNN token.


First NFTs Kanna

Published at 6/23/2023

We have developed our technology that allows the creation of NFTs certificates based on the ERC-1157 standard, this system is intended to incentivize members of the Kanna ecosystem, through collectibles available to token holders who participate in initiatives and events promoted by the company and / or community.

You can keep track of your collectibles on the kanna dapp or even in the open sea. Today we have the first NFT for the members who supported the project in its initial phase, available in two versions, standard and prime.

You will soon have access to Exclusive Badges for token holders. Follow our news on Kanna ‘s Discord community and be among the first members to be notified of new collectibles available.

NFT Kanna Early Member Certificate: https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0xBAc5800F5FD823c8e3a82950F42859782e731Ff9/2

NFT Kanna Early Member Prime Certificate: https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0xbac5800f5fd823c8e3a82950f42859782e731ff9/1

Construction of dApp and pre-sale of KNN tokens

Published at 1/25/2023

We started 2023 with the pre-sale of KNN tokens, in an incredible event at Login EXP in Vila Madalena, where we brought a lot of content and information about the project to the participants, who could also enjoy products from the cannabis industry, such as chocolates and even a special drink made by the mixologists of the house, which carried terpenes from the plant and also follow the entire presentation about the company’s vision of the future.

We launched our first dApp, enabling people from around the world to contribute to the project by acquiring tokens on the Ethereum network at reduced prices. And for Brazilians, it’s even easier: Kanna’s platform in its first version allowed the acquisition of tokens via Pix, without the need for a crypto wallet.

We continued to evolve our dApp, which now displays real-time data on the KNN token economy. The platform also gained an English version, which makes it easier for people around the world to access the impact of the Kanna community.


To see photos from the pre-sale event, click here!

Development and audit of the first smart contracts

Published at 11/25/2022

In November 2022 we had our first smart contracts audited, including the ERC-20 of the KNN token, the pre-sale smart contract and the one for the Stake Pool program, which is expected to launch in the near future.

We work with the Ethereum and Polygon Mainnet networks, following the ERC-20 standard. It is important to highlight that both networks have initiatives aimed at sustainable technology development.

The company chosen for the audit was Coinfabrik, founded in 2014, they have audited over 200 projects for global companies such as Ripio, Chilliz(CHZ) and 1 Inch.

In the audit, only 3 opportunities for improvement were found, two of minor rating and only one considered critical. All three were solved by Kanna and retested by Coinfabrik. This means that Kanna has smart contracts following all security principles, operationalizing the transaction between parties without human interference, without vulnerabilities and protected against exploitation by financially motivated attackers.

For those who want to check it out, here is the link to the full audit report: https://blog.coinfabrik.com/kannacoin-audit/

To check out the smart contracts published by Kanna, just go to our white paper on the smart contracts page.

Kanna Market Launch

Published at 9/13/2022

Year after year, it becomes increasingly evident the urgency to address climate change and take responsibility for the impacts caused by humans to the planet. As we face the consequences of rising temperatures and environmental degradation, thousands of individuals and companies are seeking solutions to contribute to the environment, utilizing sustainable practices, resource efficiency, renewable energy, and more.

Kanna emerges in this context, forming a community that aims to generate positive environmental and social impact by combining sustainable practices in cannabis cultivation with the transparency of the blockchain network. We envision a future where cannabis cultivation not only provides high-quality products for various industries but also contributes to carbon offsetting and ecological restoration.

Kanna went to market in October 2022, with a launch that sparked interest from the cannabis and crypto markets, generating mentions in major media outlets such as Exame and Forbes. During the same period, the Operations and Technology teams were formed and our Discord community was also initiated.

Vehicles that reported the arrival of Kanna:

In this article that opens Kanna’s community updates page, we tell you a little about the beginning of our appearance on the market.

This is just the beginning of our community’s story, and together we will work towards a sustainable environment and a more just and equal society. Follow our news through this page on our platform or through the Kanna community on Discord.

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