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Can I lose my frozen tokens?

Can I lose my frozen tokens?

There is a possibility of losing tokens frozen in stake if their valuation in the audit process deviates significantly from the community’s consensus average. This mechanism is in place to ensure seriousness and accuracy in the evaluations, encouraging participants to carry out careful and well-founded work.

For more information, check out the rules of procedure: https://kannacoin.io/termos-de-uso-auditoria/

Can I participate in more than one audit process at the same time?

Yes, you can participate in more than one audit process simultaneously, as long as you have the required number of KNN tokens to stake for each process. Participating in multiple audit processes increases your opportunities for contribution and reward within the Kanna community, but also requires you to maintain commitment and quality in all the audits you are involved in.

Do the audit NFTs have any functionality?

Do the audit NFTs have any functionality?

Yes, the NFTs received as part of Kanna’s audit process symbolize your commitment and early participation in the audit initiatives. They represent recognition of your active contribution and may have specific functionalities or associated benefits within the Kanna community, such as access to exclusive events, special status on the platform and may even boost future earnings according to your engagement in the project.

And if I leave in the middle of the process, can I redeem a partial reward?

And if I leave in the middle of the process, can I redeem a partial reward?

No, if you decide to leave the audit process before its conclusion, you will not be eligible to receive a reward. In addition, a fee of 2 KNNs will be charged for the operation, and your responses sent up to that point will not be taken into account in the validation process. It is important to keep your tokens in the stake pool for the minimum period stipulated in order to be eligible to receive the reward.

Why do I have to freeze my tokens in Stake to take part in the process?

Freezing your KNN tokens in Stake is an essential part of the auditing process at Kanna, because by locking your tokens, you demonstrate serious involvement in the auditing process, which helps to ensure the reliability of your answers. This mechanism also helps to prevent fraud or manipulation during the audit process.

What is the purpose of the early registration process for audits?

What is the early entry process for?

Kanna’s early entry process allows members to guarantee their participation in the audit process before it begins. This option is beneficial for those who wish to secure a place in the auditing activities, given the possibility of limited places. As an added incentive, members who opt for early registration receive an exclusive NFT (Non-Fungible Token). This NFT is a symbol of recognition for the commitment and initiative to support auditing activities in the community. In addition, early registration can offer members a privileged position as one of the first evaluators of audited projects, potentially granting them access to exclusive rewards and opportunities within the Kanna platform.

How do I interact with the crops mapped on the platform?

To nominate crops to be displayed on the platform, simply click on the nominate crop button and enter the information requested. After registering, just wait for the screening time (about 2 days) for the crop to be displayed.

To interact with the crops mapped on the platform, you need to have KNN tokens in your wallet. To do the check, simply click on connect wallet and the positive and negative buttons will be enabled.

What is Kanna?

Kanna is a community that encourages sustainable practices and regenerative agriculture through a platform that audits the cannabis production chain. We support initiatives in the field of cannabis, since the plant has a high potential for improving soils and removing CO2 from the atmosphere, creating products that raise awareness among growers and interested people about the benefits the species can bring to society.

Community members use KNN tokens to act in the process of validating the information provided by cannabis growers, the result being a certificate that confers reliability and transparency on growers’ activities, promoting integrity and sustainability in the sector.

The Kanna Platform carries out validations and audits, certifying and encouraging cannabis producers to adopt sustainable practices in their production chain.

How can I participate in the Kanna community?

Joining the Kanna community is very easy. You can connect with Kanna through our social networks (@kannacoin), through our Discord channel or by purchasing KNN tokens, boosting community results.

What are KNN tokens?

The KNN token is a digital asset that serves as the foundation of the Kanna ecosystem. It was created with the purpose of enabling people to follow regenerative farming practices, support sustainable initiatives and actively participate in the community. In addition, it serves as the main means of interaction to access Kanna’s platform: https://dapp.kannacoin.io/.

Kanna has applications on its platform, where members can receive ecosystem assets for participating in activities relevant to the community, such as design, software development, communication and crop monitoring. The KNN token is a digital asset that can be used to access benefits such as digital collectibles (NFTs), exclusive content channels in the community, discounts in the partner network, participation in events, among others.

Learn more in our white paper.

Why join the community and buy Kanna tokens?

Through the KNN token, people from all over the world can participate in the community and help promote good practices and sustainability in the field of cannabis agriculture, as well as connect with others interested in the topic, gain access to exclusive benefits and own an innovative digital asset.

KNN token holders are members of the community who can follow and evaluate the crops linked to the Kanna ecosystem, stimulating good practices and transparency throughout the production chain, as well as supporting a pioneering project, where you participate in the community’s projects, collaborating in activities such as design, software development, communication, evaluation of the crops and be rewarded in tokens and NFTs.

What can I do with my tokens?

The KNN token is a utility token, that is, being a holder of Kanna tokens enables people in the community to have access to exclusive products and benefits. Between them:

• Access to discussion groups, community channels and special content.
• Discounts on products from the Kanna partner network.
• Access to gifts, prizes and digital assets.
• Participation in Kanna events.
– Validation and interaction with the platform’s crops.

Like any other digital asset, KNN tokens can also be sold, traded and transferred in the digital universe, through crypto wallets and exchanges (crypto brokerages).

Is buying KNN tokens safe?


In addition to being a community, Kanna is a reputable company with all the regular registrations necessary to operate in Brazil. Furthermore, in the world of technology, we want our projects to be evaluated by the best specialists in the market, which is why our smart contracts and the entire structure of the Kanna decentralized application are audited by CoinFabrik, one of the leading companies in web3.0 auditing in the market.

What is the impact of a KNN token in the real world?

Kanna supports initiatives in the field of cannabis, since the plant has a high potential for improving soils and removing CO2 from the atmosphere, creating products that raise awareness among growers and interested people about the benefits the species can bring to society.

Producers can benefit from our solutions by certifying the positive environmental impact of their operations, while Kanna community members contribute to a constantly evolving project by holding a token that has multiple uses and a roadmap that seeks to add value to the ecosystem.

If you want to understand more about how we intend to make an impact with the KNN token, visit the project documentation.

How much does a KNN token cost?

The value of the KNN token varies according to the trades made on the Mercado Bitcoin platform, which you can check here:

How can I purchase my KNN tokens?

Tokens can be purchased using a crypto wallet (wallet), paying with ETH (Ethereum) or even without a wallet, making a purchase via Pix (Brazilian payment) and reserving KNN tokens to redeem for a wallet in the future.

Where can I see my transactions?

All transactions carried out with KNN tokens are registered on the blockchain, in Kanna’s smart contract, in a 100% transparent way for all members of the community and you can consult them through the Etherscan website, which makes blockchain transactions available on the Ethereum network.

What is a crypto wallet? How do I create one?

A wallet, or crypto wallet, is a mechanism (software or hardware) that allows you to store and manage digital assets and cryptocurrencies, making transfers and payments through your computer or cell phone.

Among the most well-known crypto wallets are:

Trust Wallet
Wallet Conect
… Among others

See how to create a crypto wallet.

Can I buy KNN tokens without a crypto wallet?

Yes, you can buy KNN tokens using Pix (Brazilian payment method). Through the Kanna platform, you pay for tokens with Pix, whether or not you can inform a crypto wallet. If you make the purchase without using a wallet, your KNN tokens are reserved for you to redeem them for a wallet whenever you want.

Another option is to buy through the Mercado Bitcoin platform via the link below:

Can I transfer my KNN tokens after purchase?

Yes, you can transfer your KNN tokens using the transfer options available in your wallet.

How will Kanna’s certification operations work?

The Kanna Platform carries out validations and audits, certifying and encouraging cannabis producers to adopt sustainable practices in their production chain.

Kanna’s cultivation records are stored on the blockchain in order to provide reliability and transparency to producers’ activities, promoting integrity and sustainability in the sector and boosting the regulatory aspects of the market.

Os produtores fornecem as informações necessárias sobre o processo de regulação e produção de cannabis, enquanto que  os detentores do token atuam como um verificador, responde a um pequeno questionário, atestando a qualidade das informações e validando veracidade  dos dados.

The auditing processes are decentralized, since the community of holders itself can take part in the verification activities, using KNN tokens in accordance with the regulations for each process, and at the end of the audit the producers receive a score that evaluates their project on the environmental (E), social (S) and governance (G) criteria.

To find out more, go to the chapter explaining the seal in our white paper:

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